Hemp Building Association of New Zealand (HBANZ)

The Hemp Building Association of New Zealand was set up in 2019, to promote and support hemp construction in Aotearoa. We have a website at...

Medical Marijuana in New Zealand

New Zealand's medical marijuana industry is making tentative progress but is still being stymied by local government and regulatory authorities, whilst other countries are...

What’s 420 all about?

420 refers to the date April 20th, or 4/20 (American date format), and can be expanded to 20th of April @ 4:20pm. This date (and...

Hempseed Holdings

Hempseed Holdings Ltd is located in Tawanui Catlins Forest Park. South Otago. New Zealand. The company was formed in 1998 and NZHIA members were...

NZ Natural Fibres – NZ’s first decortication facility

NZ Natural Fibres is enabling the growth of hemp based construction techniques with its commissioning of New Zealand’s first hemp decortication facility in Christchurch. In...

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