Could Hemp Replace Plastics?

With the devastating impact the widespread use of plastics is having on our planet, there has been a concerted effort by global governments to...


Health & Beauty

Toothpastes and hempseed oil

Hempseed oil comes with many health benefits and the healing properties it can give to your teeth is but one of them. Whilst considering...

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Hemp Building Association of New Zealand (HBANZ)

The Hemp Building Association of New Zealand was set up in 2019, to promote and support hemp construction in Aotearoa. We have a website at...

Hemp Health

Hemp Health is a small family owned business, located in Invercargill. Established in 2017, we are the southernmost hemp shop in the world. Hemp Health...

Introducing The Brothers Green – Hemp Protein Powder

  This new organic product, from 'The Brothers Green', is our cold-pressed, hemp protein, grown and processed in Canterbury, New Zealand. It is specifically designed with...

The Brothers Green

  The Brothers Green hemp foods company has three big visions they are alreadyaddressing in the short time they have been operating : We strive to...

Promoting and Supporting Hempcrete Construction

The Hemp Building Association of New Zealand (HBANZ) is raising awareness of the benefits of hempcrete construction in the country and has its sights...


Celebrities smoking marijuana (some may surprise you)

It may come as a surprise as to which famous people enjoy smoking marijuana for the various benefits it can give. Many have found smoking...

What’s 420 all about?

420 refers to the date April 20th, or 4/20 (American date format), and can be expanded to 20th of April @ 4:20pm. This date (and...

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