Hemp Health

by Robbie Dellow
Hemp Health (Invercargill) storefront and owner

Hemp Health is a small family owned business, located in Invercargill. Established in 2017, we are the southernmost hemp shop in the world.

Hemp Health showcases the many uses of hemp and brings the wonders of hemp to the south. We stock a wide range of products, ranging from hemp health products, skin care, food , pet care products, bags, hats, and books.

Owner, Paul Wright, is also on the board of directors for the New Zealand industrial Hemp Association. He would like to see the current restrictions on Hemp in NZ lifted – One being the current level of THC found in Hemp 0.35% be lifted to 1%. This will avoid it being destroyed and wasted if it exceeds the 0.35% limit (which is ridiculous as any amount of THC under 1% is not intoxicating to humans).

Paul would also like the hemp industry to be able to use the whole plant no just the seeds as is the current situation. The leaf and flower can also be made into CBD oil and produced a lot cheaper than pharmaceutical products, and this is why, he believes, the current government is not letting the industry fully utilise the whole hemp plant.

Hemp Health’s shop is at 112 Dee street Invercargill.

Please call in for a look if you are in town. Or visit our website and facebook page :



Hemp Health products on display

Hemp Health products on display closeup

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