What’s 420 all about?

420 refers to the date April 20th, or 4/20 (American date format), and can be expanded to 20th of April @ 4:20pm. This date (and...

Could Hemp Replace Plastics?

With the devastating impact the widespread use of plastics is having on our planet, there has been a concerted effort by global governments to...

NZ Hemp Support Websites

Below are various NZ Hemp websites, and the respective government organisations providing information and support for the industry. NZHIA - New Zealand Hemp Industries Association This...

The numerous uses of the amazing hemp plant

The numerous uses and benefits of the amazing hemp plant The products that can be manufactured from the incredibly versatile hemp plant, is conservatively estimated...

New Zealand’s Hemp Business Opportunity

New Zealand has a rich history of creating new lucrative markets with which to diversify our economy. The NZ$3 billion kiwifruit industry and the...

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