Hempseed Milk Recipe

by 4dm1n
hempseed milk in a glass

This is a very cheap and simple 4-ingredient recipe to make healthy and delicious Hempseed Milk.

Hempseed Milk is a protein-packed non-diary alternative that can be used as a drink, in smoothies or your coffee, over your breakfast cereal, or added to your baking recipes.

This milk is made from whole or hulled hemp seed (may be advertised as ‘hemp hearts’). These seeds are a superfood that are high in amino acids, packed with omega-3 fatty acids and contain no soy, cholesterol, gluten, dairy or saturated fats.

Hemp milk will last up to five days in your fridge, but it is best enjoyed straight after blending.

Hemp seed, from the Cannabis Sativa plant, contains no THC, so there is no psychotrophic (‘high’) effect. But you will get tremendous health benefits to drinking hemp milk as opposed to the dairy alternatives.

This recipe will make a 4-cup serving :

Hemp Seed (hulled or whole)    –    1 cup
Water                                               –    4 cups
Vanilla Extract                               –    2 tsp
Pitted date                                     –    1 whole pitted date
(vanilla extract and date are optional to add sweetness)

1. Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend for approx 2 minutes or until the mixture has combined.
2. Try a small sample to test and add more dates and/or vanilla extract if required.
3. Strain the milk if required, but not necessary. Use immediately or refrigerate.

Can add bananas, honey, raspberries as alternatives and to bulk-up the mix. Also, reducing the recipe to 3-cups water will produce a more creamier milk.

For the kids, you could add 2 tbsp of cacoa or cacoa powder to create a chocolate milk.

If you must heat your hemp milk do it slowly and avoid letting it boil. When adding to teas or coffees it is best to warm firstly to avoid any curdling.


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