NZ Hemp Support Websites

by Robbie Dellow
NZ Parliament Beehive building

Below are various NZ Hemp websites, and the respective government organisations providing information and support for the industry.

NZHIA – New Zealand Hemp Industries Association

This is a very helpful association with the aim to support the NZ Hemp industry.
Membership is very reasonable and gives you guidance with hemp applications, access to other members and an extensive knowledge base.

iHemp NZ

This website provides details of the NZ annual hemp summit, that is normally held in Rotorua. This event is attended by all the major players with the NZ hemp industry sector and they have quality guest speakers sharing their wisdom.
A terrific event to network and gain valuable insight into New Zealand’s next burgeoning billion dollar industry.

Relevant Government Department Websites

Ministry of Health Website
Below are the Ministry of Health links showing each hemp category :

Industrial Hemp Licensing
This Ministry of Health link, details the requirements and application form(s) needed to be able to grow, trade in, or process industrial hemp in New Zealand. This applies to individuals, body corporates or partnerships. and is for licensing under the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations 2006 :

Hemp Seed as Food
This is the Ministry of Health link proving information about growing, manufacturing and selling low-THC hemp seed as food :

NZ Medical Cannabis
Ministry of Health information pertaining to the Medical Cannabis Agency and the standards and requirements to be met :
Current license holders
This Ministry of Health link, shows current medical cannabis license holders in New Zealand.

Ministry for Primary Industries

This link details the law changes allowing hemp seed to be sold as a food :

Hemp and hemp-based agricultural compounds : Animal feeds and animal treatment products :

General food labelling rules applying to hemp seed products :

Proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act, as relevant to hemp :

Public consultation MPI contact page :

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