7 Reasons to start using Hempseed Oil in your Beauty Routine

by 4dm1n
hempseed oil in glass jar with scoop full of hemp seeds
hempseed oil in jar with scoop full of hemp seeds

Hemp, the previously forbidden wonder-plant, can be made into potentially thousands of products. It’s almost hard to fathom the many different uses of this gift of nature.
Most people are already familiar of how hemp can be used to make paper, fuel, textiles, building materials and that the hemp seeds can be eaten or made into oils or other food products.
But did you know that hempseed oil is also great for your skin, hair and nails?

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the beauty industry whereby more and more hemp-based beauty and health-care products will start appearing in New Zealand and Australian health and beauty shops. The savvy USA consumer is already demanding hemp-based products and companies are starting to deliver, offering an ever wider range of products.
Some countries have got the edge on this huge new marketing revenue, by realising the incredible potential and altering policy to allow business to grow, produce and market an ever-increasing array of Hemp and CBD based products. New Zealand and Australia have both taken tentative steps forward, with the now acceptance of hemp (non-THC) farming, production and creating of products, and the cautious steps towards acceptance for medical and possibly recreational use of CBD.

You may notice hemp-based beauty products appearing in your local retail store or on-line. The iconic ‘Body Shop’ now creates various hemp products, and newcomer NZ skincare companies, like ‘Forbidden Beauty’ www.forbiddenbeauty.nz, retail a range of moisturisers that have hempseed oil as a key ingredient.
At NZ Hemp, we expect more such products to appear on the marketplace as consumers realise the boost this amazing plant can give to your beauty routine.

Here are some 7 reasons why using hempseed oil can take your beauty routine to the next level :

1. Improves the health and appearance of skin

Hempseed oil has anti-imflammatory, moisturising and anti-bacterial properties and thus can reduce some of your problem areas. It not only helps soften and smooth the skin but it can also aid with skin tone issues caused by hyperpigmentation or acne scars. Plus it can be used on all skin types whether you have normal, dry or sensitive skin.

2. Reduces the effects of ageing

As we get older, fine lines, wrinkles and thinning skin are some of the more common issues that appear. Thankfully, the amino acids found in hempseed oil helps repair and draw moisture to the skin, giving a more glowing, softer and plumper complexion.
Regular use can hep slow the signs of ageing by regenerating the skin’s protective layer.

3. Boosts hydration

Anyone who suffers from dry skin or hair should try a hempseed oil beauty product. Hempseed oil is non-comedogenic thus it has the amazing ability to retain moisture, meaning it is able to deeply and effectively penetrate the skin thus helping to hydrate without clogging your pores.

4. Boosts the health of hair

As explained above, hempseed oil is great at retaining and promoting moisture, and, as you would expect, it can do wonders with such issues as dandruff or dry flakey scalp.

5. Strengthens nails and improves foot care

Try rubbing hempseed oil directly onto your nails to not only keep them hydrated and shiny, but also to help strengthen them. Hemp’s antibacterial properties work well with issues of sweaty feet  and can even prevent conditions such as Athlete’s Foot.

6. Removing makeup

Hempseed oil can actually perform a better job of removing excess debris and pigments than traditional makeup wipes. It helps dissolve the oils and waxes in makeup better than water-based cleansers. Just add a little hempseed oil to a cotton ball or pad and rub in small circles to remove the makeup, but be sure to follow up with soap for best results.

7. Beauty from the inside out

hempseed in closed hand in shape of heart

Eating hemp seeds or taking a hempseed oil tincture will give you amazing health benefits by boosting your immune system, improving cardiovascular health and supporting your overall health. Hempseed is also a great source of protein for those with predominantly plant-based eating habits.
Finally, the world has started to waken to the power of this amazing earth-friendly plant and the many benefits it continually gives.
In this article we have detailed just a few of the many areas that hempseed oil can help to improve your health, beauty, wellness.

Enjoy your new routine.   

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