Using hempseed oil during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial periods of a woman’s life and is a time when one wants to be extra health-conscious. It’s not only the question of safety but the question of the baby’s health also. Therefore, every expectant mum wants to be extra careful during this period. The numerous health-giving products of hempseed oil makes it a beneficial option to expectant mums.

One of the primary properties of hempseed oil is omega-3 fatty acid. This helps immensely in reducing anxiety and is also one of the best way to prevent sleep disorder, depression, chronic pain, and seizure disorder. Additionally, hempseed oil is effective in suppressing nausea and vomiting.

Nowadays, there are several video channels, (eg YouTube), which explain the health benefits of taking hempseed oil. These educational videos also outline the highly recommended importance of taking it in carefully measured doses.


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Industry Comment

● Morning sickness is one of the significant symptoms of pregnancy whereby women can feel nausea and may experience headaches in the early morning. Hempseed oil can help to prevent this condition and can also give considerable relief from anxiety and sleeplessness.

● Working mothers often feel sickness due to work pressure, and can experience dehydration and dizziness. An adequate amount of hempseed oil may help with this uneasiness.

● Pain and cramps are usual during pregnancy. When it becomes unbearable, hempseed oil can come to the rescue. Therefore, some experts prescribe to use it in correct controlled and measured doses. 

● Hempseed oil is also a natural remedy for mothers who have been prescribed bed rest.

● Hempseed oil is a magic relief from fatigue. Usually occurring in the advanced stage of pregnancy, an expectant mother can experience constant fatigue. This is a natural symptom, as, with the baby growing inside the womb, the mother has to contend with the  increased nutritional requirements as well as the extra weight.

● Hempseed oil contains zero, or very negligible traces of THC.

● Mood swings can also become a serious issue in pregnancy, and cause behavioural issue which may also affect one’s partners, of which hempseed oil can greatly assist with.


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User Experiences

Julie Stevenson, an Auckland resident, reported experiencing a magic healing from hempseed oil from her post-pregnancy vitamin deficiency complications.

Alisa Mackenzie, from Wellington, commented :  “I am a working woman, and was severely affected by dehydration before my delivery in 2019. My friends suggested I try hempseed oil. A measured dose solved the issues I had with dehydration.”

Hempseed oil can become a trusted component expectant New Zealand mothers can use. With pregnancy, a female body may develop many complications and it has been proven that a proper controlled dosage of hempseed oil does greatly assist in relieving many conditions.

We do however recommend  a consultation with your GP before introducing anything new to your daily regime.

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