Toothpastes and hempseed oil

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Hemp seed oil comes with several health benefits. The healing properties it can give to your teeth is but one of them. Whilst replacing your old dental hygiene products, consider including some hemp products. In USA, advertisements have started appearing promoting the use of hemp oil in toothpaste. 

Have you ever considered the dental benefits that hemp seed oil could have? Hemp oil supports healthy teeth and gums, but there are also other benefits also. Experts recommend using hemp oil in toothpaste to prevent tooth decay, whiten teeth and cure gum diseases. Also, for its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp seed oil can support sensitive gums and teeth. Hemp oil promises a whiter smile with more natural toothpaste and it comes with fewer chemicals and better results. When you use toothpaste containing hemp oil it creates magic indeed. 

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Your Dental Hygiene 

Decaying teeth and gum diseases are some of the more severe problems experienced. The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil can address teeth and gum sensitivity. In New Zealand, some dentists are prescribing hemp oil toothpaste, so let’s check out the benefits of hemp oil on your teeth here. 

Prevention Tooth Decay 

Inflammation causes pain in your nerves. Therefore, toothpaste with anti-inflammatory properties, such as products containing hemp oil, work great when remedying and sensitising achy teeth and gums. Gamma-linolenic acid AKA GLA reduces inflammation and decreases the likelihood of sensitivity and pain, which is indeed a great relief from toothache. If you’ve ever suffered from a severe toothache, you know how it feels to get relief this debilitating ailment. 

Dentists have confirmed that plaque is the reason behind dental cavities, whilst other bacteria also play a role in this deterioration also. There are fungal and antibacterial properties in hemp oil which combats bacteria and plaque and builds back eroded enamel to help strengthen your teeth. The whiteness will also start to come back. 

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Whitens Teeth 

Yellow stained teeth are a great issue which affects the appearance of your pearly whites which in turn affects your confidence. It is very difficult to find an effective way to whiten your teeth even after trying many of the proposed methods. By trying toothpaste that contains hemp oil, you should be pretty amazed to see the result. With consistent use of toothpaste for just one month, the change of colour tone on your teeth should become apparent. 

Prevents Gum Diseases 

Gum diseases and gingivitis are formed by the bacterias dwelling in your mouth, which can eventually cause decay to your teeth and gums. Therefore, you need the effectiveness of hemp seed oil toothpaste that can save you from potential teeth damage. There is no alternative to hemp oil to keep your teeth white and healthy. 

Go natural whenever you can. Hemp seed oil gives a natural sensation that the toothpaste companies try to replicate by adding many artificial, and potentially dangerous chemicals. 

Does Hemp Seed Oil Contain THC 

Hemp oil toothpaste does not contain THC, or if it does the amounts will be negligible. This question bothers many because we often confuse hemp with marijuana, which many use to access the THC elements for health and/or pleasure purposes.

In New Zealand, the popularity of hemp oil is rising. Unimaginable dental benefits with other benefits make hemp oil toothpaste the first preference of many New Zealand locals. 

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